The SSARPC supports development in the Sandy Spring-Ashton area as it conforms to the Master Plan. We are pro-Master Plan, not anti-development.

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SSARPC CONSISTS OF PEOPLE who live in the Sandy Spring-Ashton area and who want to see the area remain rural.  The Sandy Spring-Ashton Master Plan supports this rural concept and  is our guide in assuring that this character is maintained.  The Committee brings together people from different professions, including an architect, a landscape architect, educators, civic leaders and people with technical expertise.  Most of all, the members are energetically dedicated to ensuring that future developments recognize the need to remain rural and conform to the Master Plan.



 JULY 10, 2021 

This is looking down Porter Rd. from Rt. 108 and represents just 12 dwelling units. Try to imagine the scale and density of what over 130 units will look like when the Ashton Meeting Place is built. 
The view from the back of the parking lot at the Alloway building. To help with scale, try to find the workman in the green shirt. His name is Waldo.


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